April 28, 2014

Non-Toxic, All Natural Orange & Vinegar Cleaning Solution

Hi everyone!

Do you ever feel dizzy, nauseous, or get a bad headache after cleaning your house? It can't be good to breathe in all those household cleaning chemicals, especially when you spray them and the mist swirls around in the air you breathe.

I am a big fan of vinegar. It's so versatile. You can pour in a few cups with warm water into your bath tub and let it soak overnight to make cleaning it the next day much easier. You can pour some in with your laundry to get rid of that sour odor common with towels or clothes left in the wash too long.

It's also a great option to replace toxic counter sprays. Don't like the smell of vinegar? No problem. Simply add orange peels into a sealed jar, pour vinegar to fill and let sit for 2 weeks. When ready, pour into a spray bottle with half vinegar, half water. Ta-da! A non-toxic, great smelling cleaning solution.

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