April 8, 2014

Veggie & Egg Whites Breakfast Tacos

Hi everyone!

I am enjoying a "heat wave" in San Diego right now. By "heat wave" I mean it's 80 degrees at the beach. That's really the perfect temperature in my opinion. Not too hot and you can wear shorts and sandals without getting chilly from the breeze.

Today I made veggie and egg white breakfast tacos. They were filling and delicious. I whipped them up in about 5 minutes.

I like to use these awesome raw corn tortillas by Tortilla Land. You just heat them up on the stove and they are seriously the most amazing "home made" tortillas. Only 60 calories a piece!

Veggie & Egg White Breakfast Tacos

2 corn tortillas (if you want to be gluten free/consume less calories)
4 egg whites
2-3 whole mushrooms, sliced
1 roma tomato
small handful of spinach
1 tsp olive oil
chipotle crema as an optional sauce or whatever you choose (omit for dairy free)

Heat the oil on the stove in a skillet and add tomatoes and mushrooms. Cook until tender, then add egg whites and spinach. Scramble until done.

Heat your tortillas if necessary. Add scramble to each tortilla and top with avocado, cheese, salsa, feta cheese, whatever you choose.



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