August 24, 2014

Lose Weight, Win Money with DietBet!

Good morning!

Next week is a new chapter in my life. I start my final internship which means I'm in the home stretch of my school. In the spring, I can begin applying for school counseling jobs! I'm sooo excited. I've been on a long journey to get to this point.

Also, I want to jump start my new semester with a weight loss challenge. I've been trying to burn off a few pesky pounds and it's been hard because of summer and all the social events I've been going to. Booze and bad food will pack it on, lemme tell ya.

So, one of my favorite fit chicks, Melissa Bender, posted a challenge where you enter to lose 4% of your body weight in 30 days. So how much is 4%? Multiple your current weight by .04 and that is your weight loss goal. For a 150 pound person that is 6 pounds, for a 200 pound person that is 8 pounds.

The "catch" is that you throw $30 in the pot to start. But if you meet your goal, you'll get your money back at a minimum. Additionally, you'll split all the earnings everyone else contributed and there are other prizes like gift cards and individualized workout plans. There's already over $1200 in the pot on Melissa's DietBet page. And don't worry, your weight and weigh in photos are all anonymous, so no one else will know what your starting or ending weight is. Go check it out! Let me know if you join. I already have and I'll update my progress through the next month.



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